Treatment Plan

  • greeva vasti

    In Sanskrit the word Greeva refers to neck and Basti stands for a container. So the procedure, in which warm Medicated oil is allowed to stand on back of neck as shown in the figure, is called as the Greeva Basti.

  • Karna-purana

    Ear Therapy is an Ayurvedic process of healing ear problems with herbal oils. We begin your therapy with a vibrant head and neck healing Oil Application Therapy . This is followed by a gentle nurturing warm steam to the ears.


    This is a soothing, relaxing eye treatment and face massage that removes impurities and provides optimum rejuvenation to eyes and surrounding tissues. It is recommended for anyone suffering from strained, tired, aching, dry, irritated, burning and sore eyes, and especially for clients

  • Herbal-Facial

    The herbal paste which is applied on face to treat acne, pimple, scars, marks and pigments are known as “mukha lepa” in ayurveda

  • Mukha-Abyanga

    An Ayurvedic Facial massage is a great way to relax the tension held in the face. You will often notice an instant boost to your complexion, leaving you rejuvenated with a healthy glow.