Treatment Plan


    Nasya is the therapeutic cleansing of the head and neck region, which purges excess mucous and ama (toxins) from the sinu cavities and surrounding tissues.
    Nasya cleanses and opens the channels of the head, thereby increasing mental clarity by improving the natural flow of prana (life force).
    First the warm herbal oil is applied onto the face and neck. Specific marma points (energy points) focusing around the sinus cavities are stimulated to open channels and draw out accumulated toxins and phlegm.
    Therapeutic heat is applied to the head and neck area in a systematized manner to further liquefy and draw out accumulations.
    Next, herbal medicated oil is dropped into nostrils to complete the purgation process.

    Benefits the following symptoms:

    clouded thinking
    foggy mind
    sinus congestion
    common cold
    chronic sinusitis
    allergic rhinitis
    chronic headache
    various eye and ear problems