Treatment Plan


    mearing the oil followed by the massage by specific maneuvers refers to shiroabhyanga. This procedure most ideal for routine practice especially in healthy persons.Mere smearing the oil with no following massage, smearing the oil followed by simple massage and smearing the oil followed by placing specific strokes on forehead, all these three methods are known as shiroabhayanga.

    Benefits of Shiroabhyanga

    Brings sound sleep, profoundly soothing and relaxing.
    Gives cooling to the eyes.
    Gives relief in Insomnia, Headache, Pre-mature graying & hair loss.
    Relaxes the head.
    Helps to spread natural oils produced by the scalp thus protecting and conditioning the length of the hair.
    Improves blood circulation.
    Nourish the hair from the roots.
    Drains any accumulated toxins
    Gives cooling to the eyes
    Promotes thick and shiny hair