Treatment Plan

  • flower-bath

    Flower bath (final treatment)
    On the last day of your treatments or your stay you will receive a very special bath: the “flower bath” or “blossom bath”. It is a bath in colourful flowers with a wonderful smell of flower essences and sandalwood. The flower bath is co-ordinated – like everything in Ayurveda – with the person. It is a bath which you get in a moderate temperature for your body and which was to help your body to reset itself to an other surrounding field (at home). Therefore it must be the last treatment during your stay and hence, no additional treatments are allowed to be carried out on this day. It is very appropriate if you rest after the flower bath for at least one to three! Hours, consequently not carrying out any activities. The flower bath is the “climax” of your Ayurveda treatments. With these treatments you have certainly pampered yourself, your body and mind.
    Even if you should suffer from a very serious illness, you will have done something for yourself, for your health and your well-being. We are sure that you definitely will return to your home with more energy and zest. The blessing of the physician which she will say after the flower bath, will be spoken in Sanskrit to assist you to a long, happy and healthy life. The friendly greeting “ayubovan” means translated: “live long”.